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Jeopardy Quiz for Capital Cities of the World

This is a fun jeopardy-like game in which you can have students form groups and compete to see who knows better.


Administración del Aprendizaje Colaborativo

Acá pueden ver una serie de documentos y archivos que he utilizado para acreditar la competencia de administración del aprendizaje colaborativo en el Tec de Monterrey.

Portafolio de Evidencias

The elements of the English language

Here you can download a PowerPoint SlideShow which has been really useful to me when talking about this topic. Hope you like it!

Parts of speech

Word formation in English

Transforming Parts of Speech 1

History of Salsa: Ppt Slideshow for Passive Voice

Salsa The Beat of America

Mobile Learning Activity: Scavenger Hunt using Twitter + Wikispaces

Scavenger Hunt using Twitter + Wikispaces